Opening topics in new tabs?


Everything I try to open a topic in a new tab by either clicking with the middle button, or CTRL left click, it opens in a new tab, and in the current tab. Is there any way to open a topic in a new tab, without actually right clicking, then selecting it from the menu?


That’s how it works.


On almost every site I have used clicking the middle button opens the object in a new tab, without opening it in the current tab as well. I had just wondered why it was different here?


I think what he’s saying is that it works just the way you describe it for him. It does for me too. When I do what you say it opens the object in a new tab w/o also opening it in the current tab. I’m using firefox 13.0.

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It gets on my nerves a little too - I’m also curious as to why it does this (maybe it’s a Firefox thing…)


I’m using chrome, and I noticed it doesn’t happen on the ‘recent unread posts’ list.


Yeah I use Chrome and I find this quirk to be rather annoying.

I like to middle click about a dozen threads I am interested in reading and then close each one as I go thru the tabs. I am not able to use middle click for this practice and instead have to right click and then click open in a new tab.

Shouldnt be a hard fix.


That’s what I like to do. But if you go to the unread posts since last visit page, you can scrollwheel click multiple threads without them opening in your current tab.


i dont know about chrome, but in firefox you can just right click and click on open in a new tab…


I believe that is a setting you have to make in preferences. That may be the default setting.

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It’s default in both. I use Chrome and Firefox right now, both have Right Click > Open Tab on by default.

…But the OP’s point was that some of us are just too lazy to have to Right Click > Open Tab every time we want to open a thread in a new tab. :stuck_out_tongue:


CTRL left click opens a topic in a new tab for me, leaving the current tab unchanged.


Which browser are you using, in Chrome this still opens it in the current tab as well (for me at least)




Happens in internet explorer as well

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Works for me


Just want to say that this bug basically discourages me from reading this site a lot of the time. Even more so when I’m on my laptop and using browser plugins that let me navigate with keyboard only.


I will agree that this is most annoying when using chrome


Thats the case for me too - this is the only forum i’ve encountered with this “feature”


bump still it’s still happening