Opening forum topics in new tabs

I may be the only one that browses this way, but when I scroll through a forum to see what threads I’d like to read, I CMD+Click (or CTRL+Click on a PC) on the thread titles and that opens the threads in a new tab. Then I can go through all the tabs and read through.

Anyway, YYE is the only forum I’ve ever been to where when I try to use this method to open a thread in a new tab that something in the way that the site is coded opens the thread in a new tab but it also opens the thread in the current tab.

Again, I’m pretty sure I’m one of the only people that have an issue with this, but I don’t know why this forum does this. Would love a fix for it :wink:

well, i dont use crtl + click (i own a PC) i use my middle click on my mouse, and i get the same thing. I’ve always thought it was weird and kinda cumbersome as i use this method in every site i go to.

Yeah middle click is usually set to CTRL+Click on a PC so its the same thing. Glad I’m not the only one though :smiley:

you on a mac then? I usually just right click, hit open in new tab, and voila. Keeps the old page the same and opens the desired page in a new tab. Try that. might work. :slight_smile:

Are you using Google Chrome? Because when I use Chrome, it does that.

I am using firefox on a mac, but I believe this issue is on all browsers and all operating systems.

When I think about it I right click and then hit open in new tab, but the reality is there are other yoyo forums all with mostly the same content as this one and usually when I remember that I can’t CMD+Click on things I just leave. I could right click and choose open in new tab, but that’s incredibly cumbersome and annoying.

I use the mouse scroll method. (Im a tab user too, ) and I dont have that problem… I use Windows (Windows FTW) Vista and Internet Explorer (Not sure which version)