Yoyoexpert toolbar!

A toolbar for your web browser! It could include yoyo news and a search function! just an idea.

Okay, now YYE needs to hire a programmer to code it for no monetary gain.

Only grandmothers and particularly unaware mothers use browser toolbars.


it was just a suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:

Prior to your choice of socially obligated gift giving occasions, download the toolbar onto your successfully retired and asset-liquified grandmothers to precondition them towards a designed decision. Sit back as yoyos pour in.

Brilliant masterplan.


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That is what happens when you Bit Torrent too much…

Except not really. Unless you’re a complete idiot.

You’re thinking of Limewire, where you could find such classics as music_track.mp3.exe



Seems every install these days wants to install a toolbar of some sort. :slight_smile:

oh man, i tried downloading slender and got a “visual bee toolbar” which functioned exactly like the babylon toolbar. Some risidual damage is still left.

It’s kinda sketchy.

lmao pat.