Does Chat Work For You

Hey just wanted to know if the chat room worked for you cause it wont for me I click it then a second later its just a black screen with the forum bar at the top

First, I find having the latest Java installed is important.

Second, I find that if you’re using Microsoft Internet Explorer(any version), well, it doesn’t work so well with chat. Firefox does for sure. So, if you’ve been contemplating Firefox, I’d recommend it now. I haven’t tried it on Safari for Mac or PC, but I will say Firefox works fine. I’m often on my MacBook Pro, but I most often run it as a PC using Bootcamp(as I am right now).

Third, if you’re more up to it, there are dedicated IRC clients. Ychat works great and is free. It’s the free version of XChat. Get version 2.8.6-2. However, if you don’t feel comfortable configuring it manually, stick with the web client for now.

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