chat issues

Just out of curiosity, has anyone been on the chat.

yes… im always on chat, along with several others. …

I’m on the chat a lot. I’m usually idle, but I typically sign in after I wake up and drag myself to my computer ops room, and then sign off before I go to bed. I’m idle most of the time as far as the chat is concerned.

How do you join the chat, and is it fun or not. ???

You can joint the chat via the chat link on the YYE web site, or use a properly configured IRC client.

Is it fun? Depends. It can be. But, a word of advice: Don’t come in and then split in a hurry and expect rapid answers. It doesn’t work that way. Sometimes it does, but it usually doesn’t. IRC rooms often go idle and stay idle for periods of time. That doesn’t mean you have to be idle, you can feel free to start a conversation.

When you click the forums, they will be a box near the top. It will say inside the box.
“There are _ people chatting. Click here to join the chat!” The chat can be fun if there are people in it. You can talk about basicly anything. I am in the chat sometimes when there is other people.

It always says “0”.

because mibbet isnt that good… there are always people in there though.

Hey, I did try doing the chat but it didn’t work. Any tips? ???

Are you trying to get on the computer? You may not have the right software… Oh yeah, i posted my collection :).

Hey Big cat, Iknow this is out of no where but does your computer let you do the chat?

Hey guys, What kind of software do you need for the chat


Since i’ve been on Equestria , i’m not on it much anymore.

i was on like…3 weeks ago

I’m looking at it right now. It say’s 2.

There’s lots of software available for the chat room. It’s TEXT chat, not voice chat.

You can use a web browser, such as Firefox, and it will work just fine with the chat room. If you want to download software for your computer, you need to download and install an IRC client. Honestly, they are’t worth paying for, so look for FREE. Xchat2(aka ychat 2.8.6-2) works fantastic for PC. I forget what I use on the Mac, but it’s also free. There are also clients for smartphones, including the iPhone. Keep in mind that if you’re using an IRC client, you’ll need to know the server name: or and the room name, which is #yoyoexpert

Unlikely, but you may have to open up holes in your firewall, but chances are small that you’d need to do that.

all you need to do is click the chat link, when the new page shows up hit connect and you are in.