Chat help


I havn’t tried to get on chat for a while but I tried today and ever since the “new and improved” chat room came out, i cant use it.

Whenever I click chat or “click here to join the chat” all that comes up is a black screen. Can someone post a link or give me some tips please?

Oi, thats a problem.

keep going in, sometimes it wont let you in, sometimes it will

just click go, and nothing else, it should let you into chat

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hold up, the link works but i got one more question. on yoyoexpert it says there are two people chatting. but when i click that link i’m the only person that shows up

Well that could be that they left as you entered lol. If you kept a page open it will still say the # of people in chat as when you first enetered the page. For example if you checking out a thread and you noticed that it says 2 people in chat, unless you refresh or change the page it will still say 2 people in chat.

Edit: Lol I went into chat and there was 5 people even though it said 2. So yeah its broken XD

Maybe the chat doesn’t like you

I’ve always found that a real chat client works better than a browser.

agreed, i just think that it may be a bit hard to explain all of the stuff to setting up a client.