I cannot log into chat. i click chat and I get a blank page. nothing to log in or anything. tried logging out numerious times, rebooting, changing pop up blocker settings I even tried to make a new screenname to see if that works. but no dice. Name is redrob. Mods can delete as It was just something to try.

I know Icthus and Mi gave me the Mibbit web address but it asks me to type in chat room name and stuff. No clue what info to type in.

Any info would be great.

the chat room name is “#yoyoexpert” you MUST include the “#” sign. i would download a chat client, such as “”. good luck!

any chance someone can help me setup my opera irc client?

ok thanks Carl. 2 things I used Mibbit and put the Chat room in and I get in but noone there. But on YYE it says 3 people are chatting.

next I downloaded the Chat client but what do I do with it?

Red, When you click on the mibbit link that we gave you it should give you a box to type in. It will have a bunch of letters and numbers in it. Erase those and type “Red Yoyos” into it and hit connect.

red yoyos, what operating system and browser (don’t forget version) are you using? What plugins installed?

The server is:

The channel is


If you need anymore help ask in the chatroom.