New chat!


hello, i just got on my computer and i seen it said “want to talk yo-yo now Click here to join the chat” so i did and it said that you have to do these numbers/letters to join and it is really differant form the other one and instad of you saying somthing and it goes at the bottom it is at the top and i dont think you can change your name just telling you guys/gals about the new chat you should check it out now!

~ justin

(Jei Cheetah) #2

doesn’t work.


Ya i just tried and it didnt work for me either how come?


Be calm. There’s a new chat room being tested on freenode right now and it appears a permanent solution is being investigated.

Be patient.

(Halbach) #5

As of right now, you should be able to join the chatroom.

For those unable to join on here and who have an IRC client, you may join #yoyoexpert under


to be honest, I don’t like it. it’s too plain. I got no choice but to use it though, so I’ll still be on it


yes true


So now this is a permanent solution right?


i think so


Why does it add a number to my username?


Still wont let me in


did it to me too


To those having trouble getting in, you need to download and install an IRC client.

There are IRC clients available for Android, IOS, Mac OS X(and if I look hard, I bet I can find stuff back to 7.1), and Windows 95 through Win 7. Not to be left out, there are IRC clients for BSD, Linux, Unix and other Unix-style Operating systems, with or without XII.


Thats kinda stupid really computer wont let me update at all so i wont be on the chat for a long time

(Mi) #15

a solution is in the works.

a solution will be posted.

the current chat is there so people can still use it while we find a suitable network.

hold your pee.

we will not be staying on freenode, but it was a good solution as opposed to the chat being down until we found a network. i think we can all agree a waiting room is better than the doors being closed.



Ok, I can see the new chat from the forum, the geekshed, but I guess it’s a work in progress. I still cannot connect. I get that “Could not connect” issue


same but it looks nice