Chat Problems?

(Halbach) #1

The chat channel is not working for me. anybody else having this problem?


I can’t get into it either… I guess their system is done since I believe they stopped irc

(Halbach) #3

Dang… this sucks.


Well, it’s anyone’s guess at why it’s down. That’s just what I think. And just when I started using the chat more and more again :-\


use an IRC client and go to:


Channel: #yoyoexpert

Seems the folks running the service are getting anxious to get out from under it and get it shut down.

(Halbach) #6

I always use a client.


It’s waning…,36626.0.html

(Halbach) #8

than why don’t we switch to a new server and save the hassle??


I believe someone is working on it.


I won’t have my own new server up and running until February that will have IRC on it. I might see if it’s available as an option on my existing web server. I forget what I installed on there. Unfortunately, it will be just as unreliable as my internet connection blows.

I’m sure this is being looked into and a new server is being selected. Let’s hope there a contract this time with an agreement. Maybe even a small amount of money exchanging hands as motivation to keep it running as a subscriber service.


For those running clients, hop on over to:

Everyone else, sit back and continue using the webchat. It should be working momentarily.


I have mentioned a solution to Andre. If it happens we will announce it.