What bearing is this?

Anyone know what beating this is? Its size c btw. When i got it it played amazing but after washing it in mineral spirits it plays responsive. Any idea?

That is pretty much how every bearing besides 10 ball looks

Really? I don’t have those coverings/brackets/whateverthoseare over any of my other bearings. Basically what I was asking was if this was some specific yoyo bearing or just a generic bearing you could pick up at a store.

There are 2 types of cages on bearings, there’s the one sided crown, which you will see more often in yoyos, and theres the double sided cage, the one you have right now. Both work fine, and they don’t feel different at all.

8 ball flat

All YYJ’s that I have have that. Did you lube afterwards and clean it correctly?

I’m positive I cleaned it correctly because I’ve cleaned bearings 100 times before but I play bearings dry. I don’t think I killed the bearing seeing as it never played well ONCE after the cleaning.

Old Mineral Spirits? Was the temperature below 40F? Did you dry them all the way? Did you clean them in a dirty area? Did you clean the bearing with anything els? Could it be your response pads? Is there anything in the bearing seat like a defect? Has the bearing always been like this?

Try out the paper cleaning method. It’s easy to find with a search.

It’s saved many of my old bearings.

Actually…in a search, your post is the only result :smiley:

You used the wrong search box. It’s not your fault; it’s a counter-intuitive layout. You need to use “Search” from the main navigation (selecting “Search Forum” of course).

Paper cleaning, paper slip cleaning, bearing slip cleaning, bearing paper clean

Something like one of those should turn up what you need.

Sorry for getting to you so late on this!