bearing trouble :/ PLEASE HELP

so i just cleaned all of my bearings because the were making a gritty sound when they spinned, and after one of them was done being washed in mineral spirits and dried, i put it in my 0’9 888, and it was incredibly smooth spinning after that. After about an hour of playing my 888 i went to bed. Next morning the bearing was making that gritty sound again and playing responsive, so i slapped in another different cleaned and dryed bearing in my 888, and it was smooth and unresponsive again, but like an hour later it got gritty and responsive, does anybody know why my bearings are getting dirty so fast? the bearing seat on my 888 is clean to, nothing in its way of spinning, is it maybe time for me to buy new bearings, (because all of the bearings in my throws are like at least a year old, but i only played them for like 3 months) or is it my 888 for some reason? i belive the bearings may be locking up

Perhaps get some compressed air and use it on the bearings. Then thin-lube them to prolong their lifespan.

This is kind of sounding like “post cleaning re-break-in”. Have you tried to keep playing through this?

How exactly did you clean the bearing? I’m wondering if you didn’t try it enough or properly and didn’t blow out the remaining contaminants. The solvents mostly break down the lubricants and sort of lift out other nasty stuff(grit, dirt and dust), but it doesn’t always take out all of this bad stuff, that’s why you should blow out the contaminants.

It could also be that you should maybe lube the bearing, play it a while and then clean it again once it goes gritty. My thought is that the lube can loosen up the bad stuff and the next cleaning can help remove it.

I also advocate lightly lubing bearings. I know many people run them dry and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just have my preferences.

I kind of doubt it is time to replace the bearings. I also don’t think it’s the yoyo. Either could be an issue though, but I think it’s fairly safe to rule that out at this point.

also something i forgot to mention, the bearings are only doing this on my 888, this isnt happening on my dv888, hatrick, popstar, dm, northstar, only my 888

In my experience a light lube always makes the bearing play smoother. They tend to be rougher feeling and noisy w/o it.