Cleaning my bearing


ok guys i got mineral spirits and cleaned my bearing and the bearing like was slow so im like ok well ill add some lube, i add 3 in 1 and it got even slower and now my 888 is more responsive than my siliconed fh0


Clean it again. This time, dry it out completely, and add a little less lube. You’re not drying it all the way.


Samad, i used an air compressor to dry it. Cpuld i come over friday sometime and have you show me


FYI 3-n-1 is considered a thick lube. Get some thin lube. I’ll be comming out with my own lube when I get a run or two of my yoyo’s done. Those little tubes cost more than you think.


thats what i figured so im gonna reclean it and play it without lube and then use some of my friends