Bearing help

My bearing really needed a cleaning so today I did just that. I don’t have any lube so I decided to run it dry. For a good half hour of play it was amazing. Perfectly unresponsive, long spin times. But after that it slowly started to act like it did before the cleaning. Responsive and short spin times. I followed the instructions in Samad’s post exactly. I used odorless miniral spirits, don’t know what brand but the label was green and white. I don’t know what went wrong! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Did you blow any gunk out that may have stayed in the bearing after you cleaned it? Also did you install the shields properly?

1st question: Yes, with a compressed air can

2nd question: Yes, the “bump” on the shield faces out right?

yeah thats right, well I have no idea why it is acting the way it is, mabey it needs some lube, what type of bearing is it?

it’s a Yoyofactory SPEC bearing

I really need to get this fixed please help!

Put a drop of oil in the bearing; play it; and move on with your life.