apparently i cant clean a bearing right to save my life
theres are the steps ive gathered
mineral spirits
1 drop lube at end of pin
break in

i follow that and its still tug responsive some times
so am i missing a step is there something i sould know? tell me please!

Are you taking the bearing shields off? Are you blowing it out with compressed air after cleaning?

Yeah, you know that might be a problem, lol. You can’t just pour the mineral spirits over the bearing, lol.

Are you following EVERY single step in this video?

yah i take the shields off and i learned how to do it from that video
but and i am running low on compressed air so i just spin it atthe end of a pencil for a while and that seems to get it out
but i am mostly concerned about metal and celecon yoyos so that doesnt really matter that i get every fume out of the bearing