Tips for cleaning a bearing

Cleaning a bearing

Cleaning a bearing usally makes a yoyo less responsive. To clean a bearing use lighter fluid/ mineral spirit (others can work to)

1 put the substance into a non plastic glass ( remember it may damage plastic )

2 place bearing into the glass with the substance and let sit in the substance for 20-30 minute, it may help if bearing is un-shielded

3 let dry for about an hour before putting into a plastic yoyo it may damage the yoyo
i spin on a pencil or pen for the inside of it

also you can use to air compresser to get it out by blowing the air in their

4 put into yoyo and throw and have fun

good luck :smiley:

Ummm, lighter fluid and mineral spirits come in polyethylene plastic bottles.

Definitely take the shields off.

Blow it out w/compressed air. Those little cans for cleaning computers work great.

thanks your i fixed it

any thing i need to add/take it to make it better?