rusty bearing

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! my yoyo bearing rusted! any ideas how to clean it?

you can’t.

Stained or rusted?

I have had some bearings that appear to be rusted but they still play fine. I’ve heard of bearings rusting to the point of being unplayable. If it’s just stain, clean and play them with some lube and if they’re locked up, don’t mess with it just get a new bearing. You could mess with it, I guess, if you wanted to but it’s going to take some work and probably will be a waste of time. I shouldn’t say that because if you are expirementing and learning it can’t be a waste of time. The only thing I can think of to try if it’s bad, is shields mod, using polish. Chances aren’t good that it will come back but then again, who knows?

On second thought, I’d try something like that, the bearing is shot anyway and it would be interesting to find a solution and become yoyo forum god, quoted, and tauted and all. ;).

yes, my bearing is rusted. i did something really dumb, i washed the bearing in water and never dried it
im not allowed to buy another bearing

What kind of bearing is it? And maybe soak it in WD-40 and leave it for a few hours. Then put it on a pencil and spin it and then maybe add polish and spin again then clean it out and spin yet again. Of course this is only my theory with no hard evidence. Good news is that there are probably a few guys who would sell you a bearing for really cheap on here.

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ok thanks

Seems like your adventures into yoyo just came to a screeching halt unless you go with solid wood or metal axles.

yes thats dumb but you can repair it. I did this with my YYF spec bearing after my dad said “water will be fine”. First remove the sheilds. if they are rusted to, use this process on them to. then soak in a mixture of wd-40 and mineral spirits for two or so hours. then flick or spin it dry, apply 1 small drop of thick lube. 3 or so small drops of thin lube will work. and spin it about 20 times.
then put in a sealed container of mineral spirits and shake it for two minutes. then apply a small drop of thin lube, and work it in. this should give your bearing new life if you did it right.

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How rusted is the bearing? It may be salvagable if its not complete rusted through. I may be able to take a shot at it if you’d like.

just a warning, mixing chemicals is never a super great idea, unless you know what you are doing. WD 40 will work on it own, I use some stuff called pb blaster to deal with rust, I suspect just lubing and playing the bearing will fix it though. You don’t sound old enough to be using any of these on your own so make sure you be careful and ask for help to work with them.

If you don’t have wd 40 and mineral spirits, it would just be cheaper to just buy a bearing.