What is the Best method to correctly clean a yoyo bearing?


I’m sure this has been asked before, but what is the BEST way to clean a bearing? I’ve heard many different things though, I’ve heard to use mineral spirits (no clue where you even buy that), Rubbing Alcohol (highest percentage like 90+), and a few others. Which is the best method to not only clean, but to not damage or eventually rust your bearing? Also, I have some YYJ Thin Viscosity lube, will that still work, even though it’s about 5 and a half years old? (it’s oil based, so I’m pretty sure it doesn’t expire, I just want to double check with you guys) Thanks.


If it’s stainless steel it shouldn’t rust.

If it’s not stainless steal I would think that Mineral spirits would be the best bet. (Pick it up at a hardware store should be near paint since it’s primary use is paint thinning.)


Just make sure you dry it well before putting the shield back on.


Well there are tons of ways, and really can’t say I use any of them, I just use thin lube and play it out, since I have started that I have not found even one case where a bearing has a problem that won’t fix.


Electrical Contact Cleaner.

Super easy, just spray it down spin it a few times and your done.
No need to remove bearing sheilds either.

I like my bearings dry, but once it dries (like 30 seconds or so) feel free to add your favorite lube

It drys incredably fast and leaves zero residue. Its even been reported by others that it can free up locked bearings!! Now that’s impressve!!

Its safe on plastics, won’t tarnish or fade paint or ano and even cleans silicone.

Lowes and home depot both carry it.

use gloves and eye protection + heed all lable warnings


assuming you arent going to be using contact cleaner for what ever reason, I get a small salsa dish, or something, put in a dab of dishsoap, put in a little bit of water… enough to make some suds, get a toothbrush and scrub… let it set in the water for a minute or two, rinse under water, blow through the bearing to help get water out, spin, put it back in the yoyo, play heavily for about 10 or 15 minutes, and soon it plays as good as new…

note… tug responsive is normal until the bearing completely dries


I use mineral spirits now, but before I had no problems with rubbing alcohal. Just make sure you dry the bearing and it won’t rust even if you use water (as zerrubabbel said). There is no “best way” and some methods don’t even involve any solvents (compressed air, paper method).


Try this: http://www.dif-e-yo.com/Tech%20Tips.htm