How do you clean a bearing?

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I think mine is probably ready because for one its never been cleaned! help me out please?

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Are you knew to forums in general or are too lazy to look around at all? Just so you know, this link is a Stickied Post in the Mods Forum…



I once messaged Andre Boulay(not 100% sure on the spelling), and he said that it is not recommended to do it, here I will quote it:

I hope this helps.

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can someone just sticky samad’s thread so people will stop asking this?!?!?!

is it hard to sticky something? i understand Andre may be preoccupied but can anybody else sticky it?


It already is stickied in the mods section.

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in that case:
Look under the mod section. i believe there is a thread posted by samad that was stickied.


Please try to read the entire thread before posting next time.

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Me? wow that is extreem but because i didn’t realize i was being a troll i would say it comes very easily. i usually work at being polite. but if you didn’t mean me then sorry.