bearing trouble


so i have three yoyojam yoyos and each time i get a new one i take it out of the box they work for a day and they are dead and a couple times when i cleaned it it slowed down a lot so i do not know what i am doing wrong so i need help i use carb cleaner to clean my bearing and i have tried a lot of different lubes so if you can help me that would be grate :-\


Carb cleaner is a toxic medley of several ingredients. You don’t want to clean your bearing with that.

Mineral Spirits or Acetone (or both) are the way forward. You will probably need to clean those suckers with the “paper slip” technique as well (short version: deshield, put some thin strips of paper next to the race, “wipe” all around. Repeat several times; you should be able to find a link for it around here) to get rid of the carb cleaner buildup.

Then a single drop of thin lube. Some people put even less than a single drop. If you can get it, why not go for one of the Yoyo-specific lubes? One Drop, YoyoJam, and YoyoFactory all make inexpensive lubes.


ok so how do you clean a bearing with paper


Here’s a decent cleaning guide:

And the paper cleaning method:


Ok thank you so now is there anything that I can use as lube that is not yoyo lube


Any thin-viscosity machine oil should do it; for example, sewing machine oil. The stuff they give you for hair clippers would work, too, but it’s on the thick side. Put as little as you can and you might still have to break down the viscosity before it goes unresponsive.

Even with a thin oil, apply sparingly! A decent chunk of people even run dry, so as long as you’ve cleaned the bearing, you can pass on the oil if you don’t have anything appropriate onhand.