Wet yoyo

I dropped my yoyo in water. What should I do to dry it?

Clean it with a paper towel?

If you dropped in the bearing though :frowning: it’s probably gonna rust and be useless. idk how to clean that.

Actually, a lot of yoyo bearings are stainless steel, so the fact that his was dropped in water for a short amount of time won’t matter to the bearing. As for your yoyo, just dry it off with a towel and maybe clean the bearing.

That came to mind, but some people here on the forums say that even if they’re stainless steel they still rust so idk anymore.

With a more prolonged exposure to water, yes.

But if you care for your bearings and yoyos, even the occasional mishap can go unnoticed.

if its stainless it should only get suface rust shouldnt it?

still if it does id imagine it would be pretty hard to get off

Q what yoyo is in your little picture at the bottom of your posts?

its the double-take industrie’s BassBoost. i am a proud owner of one. lil vibe, but its great.

I did this with my Panda while offstringing. It went into my pool. Clean the bearing and axle and your set. Stainless steel, even normal steel wont rust instantly. It takes time, and stainless takes more time. Your safe.

My friend convinced me to shoot a video of me yoyoing in the water…my legacy hasn’t been the same ever since…

blow the bearing dry with compressed air. Same with the axle. Then dip in rubbing alcohol and dry with air again to remove remaining water. then oil it. You can clean it and lube as necessary after that, but yes, left as is, it will rust.

I brought my PGM to Water Country and it’s just fine. Didn’t even do anything to it afterwards, just let it dry as-is. The string gets gross though :stuck_out_tongue:

Put the bearing in rice!

Isn’t that going to get the rice dust and debris in the bearing?

Not if you wrap it in a towel first. ::slight_smile:

But it’s better than rusting… you can get the dust out, not the rust.

Ok guys, we have the answer. The yoyo’s fine. Just wipe it off with your shirt or a towel. The bearing will be fine. If it is stainless steel, it will be just fine. If it isn’t stainless steel, what I do is just take out the bearing, and unsheild the bearing. Then I wipe of the bearing with a towel, and tap the bearing multiple times on a table to get all the acess water out of the bearing. Then I just play with the yoyo for a while. Nuff said. :wink:

-James Reed