Water in bearing! What do i do

I drop my bearing in water and dont know what to do? Any advice

its really no big deal, as long as you dry it properly. wipe it off, use some canned air if you have it, and just throw your yoyo (that will dry it more than anything). just dont let it sit with water in it. thats what causes rust, not simple contact with water

I agree. I also suggest as another option, taking the bearing out, removing the covers, putting the bearing on the end of a stick pen and spinning it for a few minutes by hand. I totally agree with the compressed air.

Thanks to this heatwave we’re having, you should have no problems drying it out in no time.

At the same time, if you’re going to go through all that effort, you might as well consider cleaning the bearing anyways. There’s a good chance it might need it, but it’s just as likely that it might be not needed.

Double agreed. Water is deadly for bearings but only if you leave it like that for a long time. Maybe hours. But get all the water out of there and then BAM, done.

Unrelated side note: I really have been using BAM a lot. Seems catchy.