Emergency!!!! Rusty Bearing!

Ok. Heres the Deal:
My Friend nick is an intermediate yoyoer, and once when I opened up his speed maker there was rust all over the outside of the bearing!!! Its was seriously affecting the yoyos play, and I have never seen any thing like it before. as far as i know, the rust has not yet moved to the inside of the Bearing. if there is any way to fix his bearing I would love to know so I could tell him. Help Plz.

Um, you can use a tool like plymouth to take the bearing off and rinse and lube, then it will be fine

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Has he put it in water ever?

The outside of ALL my YYJ’s bearings is brown, it’s nothing to worry about. Is there rust on the bearing shield?

Don’t sweat about it, it’s perfectly awesome. (My Black Knight’s bearing is almost all black but it spins for around 20 or 30 seconds on a flick)

As far as I know, it was never dropped in water, buy the rust was really affecting the play, so it should probly come off.


If the balls are rusted inthe bearing, your best bet would be to get Thin Lube or Thick lube (Thin reccomended) and throw a bunch of it on the bearing. Yeah it will be responsive, but it might bring it back to life. I’ve done it, and I saved a bearing! But if it isn’t rusted in the balls, then…

Gm user, I mean that you can rinse it with wet paper towel (not too wet) and clean it on the
outside of the bearing and lube it inside of the bearing, so that there won’t be rusty and will spin smoother.

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I still wuldn’t do it, as it is wet.


Happy Throwing! =]

If its basically non-working, you can try putting some WD40 on it, then cleaning it with mineral spirits.

Don’t do this if the bearing is still working, it will get destroyed. WD40 is the last resort if your bearing is dying and rusty.

So it isn’t rust? Because I got some orange-brownish spots on my YYJ bearing and it plays fine.

It is probably rust, its probably just tarnished. Really depends.

Happened to my ProJam.

He put it in water, or over cleaned it.

Have him take his broken bearing to his parents while crying and say it doesn’t work… and ask to buy him a KK


If it is rust, it doesn’t affect play AT ALL. Just looks sorta nasty.

Piano, how long does it spin for when you flick it?

Lol it depends, my rusty bearing barely spun for like 2 seconds with a flick. All the balls were rusted.