Bearing type

first off i have read the post on how to clean a bearing. So i have been yoyoing for about a month and my bearing looks like its rusting/getting really dirty. Should i clean it or just buy a new one? Also which one(i have a yoyo jam journey). the bearing is also makeing alot of noise. My last problem is that for tricks like around the world and creeper the yoyo wont return to me.
thanks for your time

Firstly about the rusting dirty look, it should only be the outer bearing surface looking this way, this is due to the metal oxidizing which is rust, just play the yoyo more and this doesnt happen or keep the yoyo away form mositure. You can give the bearing a clean and lube to help the noise.
The noise is due to the bearing breaking in, and is the reason that your yoyo does not return on a tug, the addition of extra lube after a clean will help in this department also you can replace the o-rings or you can learn to bind return.

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So the rust doesn’t affect the play of the yoyo. Also will this rust go away?

Do i have to clean it to lube it? so after awhile of playing the bearing will break in and it will become a little more responsive will a little lube. btw thanks for answering so fast

do you have to clean a yoyo once you get it? Also is the yoyojam kickside a good beginner yoyo?

Yeah the Kickside is good.

No, you don’t have to clean the yoyo as soon as you get it.

And the rust shouldn’t affect play. If it is buy a new bearing or yoyo.

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All of my YYJ bearings have this surface rust on it. don’t worry about it. Mine has been that way for years and is still just fine.

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