YYJ Bearings

Have u ever realize that the bearing for yoyojam goes black after a few weeks playing it? If you know why could you tell me? thanks.

That’s just because you got it wet somehow.

I think those were the first versions of YYJ Bearings. The new versions now doesn’t rust.

The new versions have “YYJ” written on the bearing.

i never did anything to it. it just went black on it self.

Your right. Now that I think of it, the bearing on my Journey became black too and I did nothing to it. It might just be because they have a poor coat of painting over them so when the bearing gets exposed to the air a lot, It’ll just turn black. It’s not rust. It also doesn’t affect the play, so it’s probably nothing to worry about. :wink:

yea but i like it shiny all well time to buy the yoyojam speed bearings.

I don’t think they sell them anywhere. I emailed Yoyojam a long time ago about it, and they said that they will have them for sale soon, but they don’t have the release date, and that was about 3 or 4 months ago. So I’m not sure.

aw well thats a bummer.

I know, I always wanted one.

the bearing has no coating in any way.
they just a steel bearing that rust.

it’s only an advice, just don’t store your yoyo with steel bearing with strings on them.
string absorb moisture, and speeds up rusting process.

That will not hurt anything either. I have several that have been that way for a couple years. Still an awesome bearing.