stock yyj bearings

to me they seem very rusted or something
ill try to get some pics

Contact Andre. Are they brown??

If you mean the outside, yes. For some reason lots of them seem to rust on the outside, but they’re fine on the inside and play just fine. (Usually of course.)

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I don’t like YYJ stock bearings that much. They just need lube sometimes, or a good cleaning… Anyways, I don’t why the heck they would be rusted, but as Batryn said, contact Andre. The inside is probably fine, as Apetrunk said. Have you gotten it wet or anything?

You guys suck at maintaining your bearings :stuck_out_tongue:

I have many YYJ bearings. Not one has rusted on me. I love all of them, they are smooth, long spinning, and sooo good.

Haha thanks Samad. It’s nice to know you care. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’ve had one or two rust on me but, eh, whatever. They still play great.

My DM’s bearing is really dark colored(as in charcoal dark), but doesn’t seem to have any changes in play. I guess it’s the same for rust.

I say if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Same here, but i replace most of um with either a SPEC bearing or a KK…never liked YYJ Bearings for some reason. YYJ are smooth but the outside of the bearing oxidizes fast. :stuck_out_tongue:

Two questions and I’ll be done.

  1. does it effect your play?

  2. why do you care what the bearing looks like? If it works don’t fix it!

I think all of my steel large bearings look like that. I play em all and they work fine. I have some that are probably a few years old and are still spinning just fine. I actually love the stock YYJ bearing.

If its not good enough for you then you aren’t good enough.

just got my brand new speedmaker and its brown(rusted…idk)

No, and its not even necessary.