Bearing Help!


So I have just gotten a new Pixel bearing last Friday and it was wonderful. I didn’t like that it didn’t have shields but I guessed that I could get over it. (I couldn’t.) But, for some reason, a couple of hours later, it stopped working as well and it sounds like it has a lot of stuff in it or something. I’ve cleaned it twice but it still doesn’t work properly. It spins for about 5 secs on a flick spin and it makes weird noises even on slow spins. Anything I did wrong? Did I knock the race out of place or something? Anyway I can fix it?


Contact Chris or Steve CLYW. They can probably help you out.

(InvaderDust) #3

how are you cleaning it? what are you using to clean it with? Have you tried re-lubing after cleaning? if so what did did you use and how much?


I’m putting the bearing in a glass container or pure acetone and shaking it around for about a minute to get the particulates out. I have re-lubed to see if it will thin what I thought was in there but it didn’t and I put less than a drop of thin lube on a needle and put it in the bearing. The smallest amount of lube that I see. I do the same with my OD 10 ball and that’s okay.

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everything sounds pretty good to me, and i agree, it does seem like something you should reach out to CLYW’s customer service email. Its possible you got a bad one, in which case they got your back.


It’s usually better to contact the retailer you purchased the bearing/yo-yo from instead of the manufacturer. If you got it from us, send us an email or give us a call and we can help you out.


It usually lasts a few throws for me but I think it got worse after trying to clean it with paper. Maybe it could be extra dry after cleaning.


Nevermind… I didn’t read all the comments. It’s probably just a small defect. They machine so many so precisely that there’s a high chance of one of them being screwed up.