What are your mains for each style?

What are your main throws for each style?


1A - J&H:SPINS Lunar Wind, OD Cascade
2A - YYJ Unleashed, modded Yomega Raiders
3A - Protostars
4A - Griffin Wing(I need to get a Fiesta :stuck_out_tongue: )
5A - YYJ Destiny, OD Cascade, OD Rally

How do your modded raiders perform? I’m getting mine modded. How would you say they compare to the unleashed?
Also, I think that there is akready a thread exactly like this.

There’s been a few exactly like this… But they’ve died out, so I’m starting a new one.

And I already told you in the looking for recommendations section. I think I was the one that convinced you to get your raiders modded because nobody else responded to that thread.

They’re pretty good, I feel like the raiders are more beginner friendly. The Unleashed feel more… “powerful” and fast, the raiders feel lighter when looping and is more controlled.

If you’re getting them modded by azunyan, you should be in good hands, they’ll very likely perform better than the ones I have

Oh ok. Yeah I am getting them modded by him. He is a great guy, and for his price I had too. He seems pretty trustworthy too, which is good.

The exact same thread was made a week ago, so it hasn’t really died out…


1A. Attune and Equilateral at the moment, would like to try something new though or get my Octave fixed
2A. N/A
3A. N/A
4A. Aeronaut
5A. N/A

As you can see I am a very well rounded yoyoer. :stuck_out_tongue:

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