fav yoyos for each style

post your favorite yoyos for each style in your own opinion.

1A- MoonWalker
2A- Pulse’s
3A- Pair of Dangs
4A- ReXtreme
5A- Moonwalker

1a Di base
2a raiders
3a chasers although might change to echos soon
4a none
5a zombie im a noob in this style so i need something semi responsive

1a- Code1

2a- unleashed

3a- genesis

4a- go big

5a- Magic-yo T5

Do you even own a moonwalker?


1A Cascade/Chief
2A Loop 900
3A ProtoStar
4A Fiesta

I have used one for a VERY lengthy period at worlds. me and this one guy swapped yoyo’s for the day, his moonwalker for my Chief. we traded back at the end of the day. That MoonWalker was the best throw i have ever used. So i have a lot of experience with one, but no, i don’t own one. hoping to win the Drawing contest though so i can own one.

1a- La Goutte, SuperG, and Wrath
2a- I don’t loop
3a- superstars
4a- griffin wing
5a- genesis