what are your favorite 2a yoyos

ok so i want to know what your favorite 2a yoyos are and why

Loop 900s or Modded Raiders.

Amazingn loopers.

oh so somebody has used loop 900s hmm whats the response? starburst or sos

The ones we used were starbursts, though it wasn’t certain that it was the response.

Custom AXLerator again I say this, I’ll put this thing up against any thing out today.

Small, truly Imperial shape with a vary narrow gap that keeps the string centered that makes loops look nice and straight.

I like Speedles, Relics, and 720s. Didn’t like Raider EX’s. Favorite is my Relics still.

I like sunset’s because their really easy to learn on and are great for advaced players as well.

Modded raiders.
They just seem to be much more balanced and well weighted then all the other 2A yoyos I have tried.
Smooth spins, love em.

NXGs for 2nd place. They do not feel as balanced for me but they get amazing spin times.

The one I used was actually a Siliconed version. I asked Patrick and he said they weren’t quite sure what the production run would be. But they did have a starburst that Samad used.

I would have to say the Yomega Fireball is my fav. I’m not very good at 2A but i think its pretty fun. I put an o-ring from a Powerbrain’s axle into it so it doesn’t sleep at all. I don’t know if that screws up how 2A is supposed to be played but its pretty nice for me! ;D