What are you willing to do for an irony?

I just missed the mini release of the JPX (mmm whatcha saay) which I have a DIRE need for (on a scale of 1-10 I’d probably say an 11). I know there are other Brandon Vu fans in the same boat. So, I have a question… what are you willing to do for an irony JPX?

I’d probably pay YYE (or any yoyo store for that matter) to hold one.UGH WHY LIFE!!!

Not much

I’d give them my Klondike bar.

I’d do nothing.

Because I’d just make one, lol

You just get a JP and shave a few grams of the rims(total. Not off each rim).

Piece a cake…

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You lucky duck :smiley:

The JP and the JPX are both Excellent yoyos. Waaaaaay underrated.

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Not much. I’d probably trade for one but I’ve owned a GBA and a JP for a while so the shape is getting a lil old.

Wait… there are people who hate the JP/JPX??


1 guy(singular) says the shape is getting a little old… And you say, ‘Wait, there are people(plural) who ‘hate’ the JP/JPX’.

So the guy that chimes in the shape is getting old is all of a sudden the Spokesman for the Planet Earth Society of Yoyo Haters?

So, if we were hanging out at a Yoyo Contest and you started talking about Ice Cream for some reason. And I said, 'I don’t really think much of vanilla flavor Ice Cream; you would say,‘Wait, so,there people in this town that Hate Ice Cream’?

Either go sit in the corner or take your nap…

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Don’t get me wrong, I love the yo-yo. The JP is among my top-ten favorite yo-yos. The variations all just feel kinda the same to me. They’re great, but great in the same way.

I wonder wat Carlos did to all his Ironys.

why do you say that?

isnt he still on werrd?

If someone wants to give one to me, I will film a 2 hour video of me literally doing nothing.

I just said that because when you say something is underrated its something that everybody doesn’t really like but you do. it had NOTHING to do with the guy who said the shape was getting a little old. Example: everyone says yoyo A sucks, but I really like it. thus I think yoyo A is underrated. Do you see that I did NOT quote yoyodoc in my post?

Beg to Brandon Vu for one. I don’t play 1A that much. How ironic is that?

He’s on iYoyo now

Wow. That video is insane.

Send yoyoexpert and werrd multiple emails asking when there will be more jpx, getting notified by email a day before before the drop and organizing my break at work to be able to buy one right when they dropped to make sure I gt the colour I want. Oh, wait. I did do that.

head explodes

Who developed iYoyo and when?

Just curious because i have never heard of this brand until now…

Here’s what I did:
Set the link to the Irony Jpx under bookmarks and make it an application under my home screen. Everytime I got on my phone before checking messages or doing anything else I would check if the Irony Jpx was in stock or was announced when it would restock. I also asked on the forums when it would restock, and on multiple social media places to hopefully have an idea of when it would restock. I kid you not when I say I checked well over 100 times a day. Since I knew that the Jpx order would come with the Blueprint strings I checked constantly for those too. Just to see if they recieved the Jpx’s yet. On Thursday night I saw that the blueprint strings were released and knew that the Jpx’s had to be releasing shortly so I checked constantly that night and the Jpx didn’t restock untill the next day. Unfortunately when it releases I’m was on a six hour bus ride on a school bus back from a business thing for my high school. I was unable to get one despite spending hours of my life each day trying to get a Jpx. I went way too far trying to get a Jpx practically going insane with the time I spent trying to get one and yet I was extremely unlucky and I was not able to get one. I would say on a scale of 1-10 the effort I put in was a 100.