What are you siliconing today?

My 888


Nothing :smiley:

Ministar :slight_smile:



Err SCLBs and A Protostar

axiom but it didnt go well (TOO RESPONSIVE) so i tried again still too responsive. help

just keep playing it it needs to break in. i silicone recessed then siliconed arussells freehand zero yesterday

nothing :/… i wish i had silicone to do that stuff

ok but how long will it take???

F.A.S.T. 201 yesterday, Fireball the day before that, aaaaaannnd I guess I could do my FH2 today

bump and nothing

I don’t think I’ll be silicone’n it today but after I recess Big J’s FH2 I will be then.

Been there, done that!!! :smiley:

Well I put CBC pads in my Mini-Motu. It’s beast now.