arussell19981201's freehand zero

hey guys. so 1 day ago i received a stock freehand zero from arussell19981201 to mod for him. so the list of mods was, silicone recess, slight H shape reshape, satin, and clean the bearing. so i did this all on a drill (other that the clean bearing of course) and i have to say it came out pretty good. so here are pics of the finished yoyo. tell me what you think.

I wish I could see the reshape a little better but other than that, not bad.

yeah i cant really get the angle of the camera just right. and thanks

That is absolutely awesome!!!

im glad you like it. ill try to get it out tommorow or the next day

Cant wait!!!

Did you ship it yet?

no i did not and no need to double post. i am staying at my aunts and uncle tonight. i might be able to ship tomorow but it will be hard. srry