What are you into yoyoing for?

Just a little poll for y’all! ;D

Fun and only fun. Though the social aspect of it is a good added bonus.

The fame and the women mostly.

EDIT: oh, I forgot the money. You can’t forget the money.


Yeah, I didn’t vote for that, but yeah, the last part just works for me.

The fun and skill building. Not to mention better coordination.

The challenge

all 3.

something to do with my hands and my ego needs it when in public.

There should be a “social” option. Some of my best friends ever have been made through the yoyo community.

To impress others

For fun, to make friends, and especially get others involved.

The challenge.
No matter how good you are; there is always one more trick to learn…

i love to get lost in the trik at hand, spending hours each day doing whatever trik i want to or learning new ones

Can’t find the “For Chicks” option… So I suppose I’ll settle for fun.

Pride and honor

I primarily yo-yo for fun. Everything else is just a side effect of me having fun throwing yo-yos.

It is fun! :smiley: