What are you getting people for christmas

What are you getting people for christmas

Phiten neckalaces for cousins jewelry for mom not sure what else

WHat are phiten neckalaces?

Silly little magnetic therapy necklaces that are overpriced, and claim to ease pain, calm nerves, give you energy, and all sorts of other outlandish things. Most people just wear them because professional sports players (mostly baseball) wear them so i guess they are more of a style thing than anything else because they dont work.

Ya i think they are dumb but my cousin likes them.

yeah i know a bunch of people who like them as well.

It’s not about what I’m getting, but what my kids are going to be getting.

Yeah, yoyos are on that list.

Imma get’n me friend a fhz w/pulse technology. I don’t see the point in the pose tech but he wants it. Not sure what to get the parents and brother, sure I’ll think of something though.

You get friends presents?

Well he real wants one really bad. But his parents might get him one anyway so I might not need to.

Im gonna get my friend a yoyo

I love those.

I’m going to get my wife a guitar pick punch.

I’m getting my brother a whip for Christmas. A solid beginner throw. Those phitan necklaces might be an overpriced necklace, but they look cool and you never actually know if it works until you try it. I’m getting one for a friend.

Hmm…maybe this time I get a glass of water, it’ll turn me into Link.

I mean you never know. I haven’t tried this brand yet, my fingers are crossed…

Im getting amazing stuff cause I’m an amazing person

I’m getting my parents a list of things I want

Your not getting me for Christmas…

A YYF WHIP? I have one.

Oh, I have tried them and they do not work at all.

I know its really cool, but it a little bit confusing. White isn’t one of the options for change color, but its cool how you can just type it in.