christmas yoyo picks


christmas is coming up and i am making a list but its too much need help
dark sonic
di base
4xl grooved
werrd irony
need the price to end to 260 at most plz helpi cant make a decision


Take off G-funk, 4xl grooved, and Di Base.


Lucky. you get yoyos for Christmas, my parents refuse to get me yoyos for Christmas or my B-day


I asking for an echo


Same my mom keeps asking me what college give out yoyo scholarships :stuck_out_tongue:


that sucks my parents are still asking is there anything else like games or clothes i guess its good to be young


I’m asking myself to buy me at least another chief, a puffin and a cliff. My baby’s due any day and if he/she wants to throw it’s gonna rain yo-yo’s on the holidays!


What the heck? Aren’t Christmas and Birthdays for frivolous gifts? You don’t want “SATs for Dummies” or “A Study Guide for Grade 12 Algebra” for Christmas. Who cares if it gets you a scholarship?

Lemme talk to your parents… :wink:


I don’t expect to be getting a yoyo for Christmas, sadly. Getting a T3i, but maybe my parents will feel a little extra generous and get me a cascade… Probably not though.


I wanna ask for an x-cube. Probably won’t get one but whatevs.


I’m self gifting. Don’t know what I’m getting yet. Depends what new goodies YYE may have to offer of the Canadian variety…

(Owen) #12

Studio wants to get a Puffin, and a Cliff.

Preferably three colored team editions.

Am I wrong?



Yes, want the Puffin and the Cliff.

But of what I saw via this link on Facebook:

The upper right(blizzard?), lower left(Pekka Edition?) and rootbeer ones look nice. I would prefer the silver/red splash one on the lower left, which I think is the Pekka edition.


Haha thanks :slight_smile:


Haven’t quite decided what to gift myself with yet. Seen some photos of the Superfly Remixed on Mickey’s instagram and they look pretty sweet.