Giving the gift of Yo or Yo ho ho ho!

Subtle One Piece reference.

I got my brothers some TMBR for Christmas! I am excited to spread the high perform acne fixed axle bug. Last year they got unresponsive metals. :slight_smile:

That’s a cool gift Jon!

Did they yoyo before you gave them the gifts? I’ve thought about getting a family member or two yoyos, but none of them currently throw.

In the past when we were kids we all tried. I took my Dingo to Christmas last year and they thought it was cool so I thought them to bind. They haven’t really been practicing, new jobs an baby’s have that effect. Hopefully they enjoy these. :slight_smile:

Christmas gifts already?

Nice! Lovejoy is beast!

Gave my brother some yoyos. I don’t think he plays with them, but I have access to an OG Avalanche when I visit.

Nice! Man, now I wish you were one of my brothers. I would love to receive yoyos every year from them! :slight_smile: great gift choices. Hopefully they put them to good use.