what are the 10 fast challenge tricks?

please help
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The Wind Up
Gravity Pull
Forward Pass
Around the World
Walk the Dog
Rock the Baby
The Bikini
Stop and Go


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Give him a thank you.

i did

This question could have been answered with a simple google search. Please don’t just be lazy.

i wasn’t being lazy i just thought of a yoyo question and this was the first place that came to mind.
most of the questions on this forum could be answered with a Google search

Can someone provide more details? Like:
Must the yoyo start the wind up from the ground?
Can the tricks be done in order?
How high the breakaway?
How far does the dog walk?
How many passes through the cradle for the baby?
How high for the Sky Rocket?
Can a missed trick be redone?
What is the rule regarding the yoyo not winding up all the way on the return?

What is the favorite yoyo for this contest? I have tried Velocity, Speed Dial and 201. My preference is a modified 201 with a grooved bearing, thin lube and Duncan stickers. I cannot get the Velocity to maintain the same responsiveness and the Speed Dial seems like overkill.

What is a good string length for a beginner? Too short makes rock the baby and stop and go difficult. I have big hands and use 24 inches.

Thanks, Richard

  1. Yes
  2. They must be done in the correct order to complete the “challenge”
  3. High enough that it comes back to your hand
  4. Long enough to show it actually walked
  5. One forward, one back
  6. Not specified
  7. Yes, you must redo the trick until you land it to move on if you wish to complete the “challenge”
  8. It must fully return to your hand
  9. My favorite would be the F.A.S.T. 201. I don’t think using a modified yo-yo counts.
  10. A fantastic rule of thumb is from your belly-button to the floor.

Fact check before you post:
5. 3 rocks
6. Over your head

As for yo-yo preference I use a 201 with one o-ring (behind the spacer) removed and a very short string.

Meh, that’s just the way I was taught. Thanks for the corrections.

Thanks, now I can practice.