Beginner... help please

Hi all, new to the yo yo and the forum, hello all!

Can anyone give me some guidance… regarding that throw where you just Chuck it out forwards in front of you, belly height, and it then returns… mine seems to have a mind of its own as to when it decides to return to my hand or whether it just stays out in front of me doing that spinny thing, before falling down and not having enough spin to do anything else. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance

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I believe what you’re referring to is called Forward Pass.

Two things to note:

  1. The faster the yoyo is spinning, the more likely it is to return back to you with speed and authority. The way to get it to spin faster is to throw it out with more force.
  2. Make sure you tug back on it with good, but not excessive, force just before it reaches full extension in front of you.
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Perhaps our very own Andre could be of some assistance


Wow, thanks for the speedy reply… that’s where i have problems… if I tug it back and then try to do that thing where you let it go slightly behind your hand on the return and fling it back out again, it doesn’t work, the tug seems to just seem to cause the yo yo to have no momentum, enough for me to loop it back out again. Apologies for the terrible descriptions, haha!

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At what point in your throwing arm’s motion are you releasing the yoyo? You may be releasing it too early or too late.

Also, what yoyo are you using?

I’m using a magic yo-yo v3 - it looks great but not the best for a beginner, Christmas present form the wife, can hurt when you get things wrong, haha. I think the problem is that I’m not flipping my hand when the yo yo reaches its maximum length.

Is this what you are talking about?

It sounds like you are talking about looping maybe? Even forward pass can be a HUGE thing to learn. Just don’t blame your yoyo. V3 is a great yoyo. I have one. There’s alot to learn with a trick that appears very simple. Practice getting really good sleepers and tug returns as they will give you a good foundation. Forward Pass took me over a week to learn on my Duncan Butterfly!


Thanks for the inspiration! I’m getting there, been on it for a week, can do quite a few tricks, great yo-yo, just a bit heavy compared to the cheaply plastic ones

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I put a wider bearing in my V3 and play it unresponsive. Please let us know about your progress or hit us up with questions. We’re all Learners here! V3 may be difficult for looping because of the wider shape. Possible to loop with it but it’s not really the best shape for looping.

The magic yo-yo v3 is a butterfly shape and they generally do not lend themselves to looping. You need more of an imperial shape for loops. Yes, they can be looped but not well.

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