Need help with a few things

Hey all, So I am new to yo-yoing, my yoyo came in yesterday and it is already a blast … but a few things are annoying. I have a couple questions at the moment that I am hoping somebody can help me with.

The yoyo is a Protostar. The video I am referencing is this one (What I reference starts around 2:00):

  1. When I throw my yoyo the sting doesn’t stay really straight and I see it rubbing against the plastic (sometimes barely, others alot), is it my throw or is something up?

  2. I can’t figure out for the life of me how he is returning the yoyo in this video, mine just won’t do it. Isn’t unresponsive unresponsive? Is he doing some trick that he isn’t openly explaining or is the protostar just not capable of returning like that? I am just very confused and having to drop it down and do the bind that way seems silly when he is doing it those ways

  3. What is a good spin time? My breakaways are weak right now, what time of spin time should I be aiming for in them for later when I start doing combos and stuff.

I think that is all of my questions right now, thanks in advance for any insight. Off to practice some more.

You can only do that dismount with a responsive yo-yo. All it is is taking your TH, guiding the string and wrapping it around you NTH finger (The one that has the loop around it.) once. Then, if you are right handed, you roll the yo-yo counter clockwise (which undoes the wrap you just put there) and then pop the yoyo up into the air. However, if you have an un-responsive yo-yo (I believe the Protostar is un-responsive.) The yo-yo won’t come back to your hand after you pop it up. Unless you do an assisted bind as shown here: (Hands down, my favorite bind)

For a beginner, spin times shouldn’t matter. With a good yo-yo like the protostar, you should be able to do cold fusion without too hard of a throw. However, once you begin doing VERY long tricks such as ladder escape, you may want to practice your throw. But personally, your throw should be mastered by that point.

Hope that helps
-The one who Pwns a.k.a TEAmPownage (I do love my TEA, but I am not British.)

  1. Are you throwing from a breakaway? It’s your throw anyhow though. Just practice. “Rubbing” is actually called tilting.
  2. He is using a responsive yoyo. He flips the yoyo and pops it up. And the cause that its responsive, it can snap back with a tug. Protostar is extremely unresponsive so it is impossible to do that. Just bind. You can also make another thread on cooler ways to bind.
  3. Protostar is by far one of the best plastics. It can spin forever just stock. Normally, with a decent nice throw, it’ll spin for around 1:10-1:40. Yah know, it varies. I bet after I post this, people will argue with my sleep time.

But everyone is different and with a begginer throw, 1:10. Decent throw, 2:00+. Just my experiments.

A harder normal throw, like if you’re in a competion and doing a long combo, it can spin up to
5:00 minutes max.

Mr. Bones has got it right. Basically the answer is practice. Your throw will strengthen with time and your issues with spin time and tilting will go away.

Wow thanks alot for the posts.

I have been working on the assisted bind, I can hit it a few times but definitely need to work on the consistency.

Thanks Mr. Skeleton for clearing that stuff up!

Glad to help. :wink:

its very easy. First try to throw a break away , try to land it in the string

If you cant do it you should try here

andre is using a responsive bearing in that video your
string will ALWAYS be against the wall, unless you are a pro, or really good
whe i started it was 1 min. it may be different for you :wink:

good luck :smiley: