i just got a proto star but it wont come back to my hand. What do i do to get it back to my hands. i know how to bind but it still wont. any advice

Bind better.
It’s unresponsive, Make the loop bigger, just practice binds more.

center-trac + k-pad = really unresponsive. had the same proble with my die-nasty(which was my first unresponsive). if you can bind that you can bind anything. try to put an extra wrap around the axle when you bind then drop string into the gap

really make sure your really bringing the yoyo all the way down into the gap, pull down hard and take ur finger out

Watch the clip Hellametre, try doing the bind that Guy Wright is doing really great way for binding :slight_smile:

Try a fake bind. Pinch the string while lowering your nonthrowhand toward the yo-yo instead of just throwing the loop into the gap. It’s failsafe with proper technique and when executed smoothly you can’t even tell the difference between that and a regular bind. I see that you use a Velocity, which is pretty much on the other end of the spectrum compared to the Protostar. You’ll get it with practice.

h00t practice time.

You need time to adjust to a new yoyo and how to bind with it. Just like my Pocket Change is annoying me because I’m used to the soft delicate bind of my CUT, and then I have to use this snappy thing…

Do this: get your bind ready, bring the loop like halfway up the string underneath your throw hand, start going down straight into the gap at a 65-80 degree angle. Don’t throw it into the gap like Andre does in his videos! Bring it down. This SHOULD bring the yoyo back up. How I do it is to have the loop go around my index finger of my non throw hand, then sort of push into the string with your middle finger of your non throw hand to sort of squeeze the loop closer together right underneath your index finger. This will help big time! Read this slowly hopefully it makes sense.

Maybe you use the wrong binds!?!
If your YoYo is really unresponsive (like the Protostar) you are forced to do backspin binds like dave bind, mickey bind,…
You could also lube your bearing to get more response.