a little help throwing straight

hey all, well i’m working my way through the intermediate level 1 i’m 1/2 way. I noticed now that i’m starting to do tricks that involved more then just a few moves the yoyo wants to start to turn halfway through the trick. Now is it i’m just not throwing straight to begin the trick? or is it when i’m working on the trick the yoyo is not square to me and just slightly toughing the silicone padsmaking it start to turn either direction? has anyone else run into this when just starting out? i’m about or just over a month in now. thanks all

Your string placement is what’s causing the turning. If you throw a trapeze, move your throw hand either forward or back. You’ll notice the yoyo tilting a bit. This can be used to counteract the tilting but is also the cause. Just make sure you aren’t doing that and you’ll be fine.

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your right Gee, also i’m halfway through advance part 1. so i threw the matrix about 400 times in a row and just slightly off hand placement is the key. They dont mention that in the videos as the tricks get harder. thanks again Gee