What are some videos you have seen 5 or more times?


Andrew Maider BAC, Theory, Ben Conde worlds 2011 (like 50 times), and the list goes on. But if you had to list one video you’ve seen so much what would it be?


Bryan figueroa crystal castles video.
I’ve watched that thing at least 35 times.


Alexis JV
Tatsuya Fujisaka
Hiro Irifuni
Guy Wright (especially “I punched Boxthor”)
Most CLYW videos
Lazar Medvedev’s vids
Any other videos from the SPYY team
Any videos by Luis Eduardo Celis Vanegas (Onedrop team member).

There’s probably WAY more that I’m forgetting, but these are some of my favorite.


Classical Mechanics by John Chow…

I think like 150 at least


Paul Han’s 2011 world prelim. If you don’t know why, go watch it xD

(major_seventh) #6

Bunch of General-Yo promo’s, EK’s Diamondback, Jensen


ILL VIBES, John chows classical mechanics and slacking off, Every single Janos Karancz vid since watching him in 2011 (back when he used Raptors), Fraolini #trickcircle stuff, Seed as I see it, EK Diamondback, Anything Guy Wright, A certain Japanese store’s promo for Keisuke Yoshinaga, Jesse Christe, IBANEZCOLLECTOR VS JACOB GROSS FTW, theres tons more but too lazy to type


Most of Miggy’s 5A tutorials. The top 5 placements in 5A at worlds for the past few years. The world champion in every category for the past couple years. Leading contenders in any major national contest as it is occurring. Anything with Takeshi Matsuura, Takuma Inoue, or Hideo Ishida. Etc.


Numero Uno:

A close second:

(Explicit Music Warning)

Two of my favourite videos of all time. Watch them whenever I need to rekindle that fire. :slight_smile:


I’ve seen every single Christopher Chia’s videos at least 30times each

The video I’ve watched the most though is this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KC6v0rVAAEY

And this may get the 1st place very soon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkXrb2yJIZs


To reply to my own question.


Guy wright’s CAL State performance, that is inspiring. Ill vibes

(Yo^2) #13

Ed Haponik’s stuff. He’s like a Jedi or something.

(WildCat23) #14

Maybe a tutorial?

(2Sick Joey) #15

There haven’t been many videos that I’ve seen 5 or more times. Some that pop to mind are:

Cleanse 2 by mike ferdico
Going rogue by ray godefroid
Paranoia by jake bullock
Shinji Saito 2013 East Japan 2nd place
Jensen kimmitt 2011 worlds

That’s all that pops to mind but I’m probably missing a couple.


Sine//Saw Anthony Rojas

Moment Samm Scott

Jensen Kimmit as Duns Brocolli- The Crocodile and The Phantom


This ^ lol I would say ill vibes just because it’s funny, but for skills I would say Yoyo Kid- World’s Best Yoyo Champion featuring Zach Gormley. It is so good.


Operation Dark Magic.



Hiroyki Suzuki’s 2012 worlds and Japan Nationals
Takeshi matsuura NJ Finals and Japan Nationals