Favorite yoyo video ever of all time.

What is your favorite yoyo video(s) of all time? It can be a freestyle, tutorial, compilation, anything yoyo related! Just wondering what other people really enjoy watching!

You know what this thread needs? Some vibe

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I was about to put that one LeftyLink!

Don’t worry crococorey, you can watch it on mobile.

Haha thanks! Sorry i’m really annoyiing about that kind of stuff sometimes.

You are killing me. I, in my honest opinion, not just saying this to be nice to my friend, but I really liked the “Plan B” video by Evan Gronberg.

I also like Andy Jones’ first round CLYW video. It was amazing.

I’m just joking around :slight_smile:

Waaaaay too many to decide. Jensen Worlds 2011, Zach Nationals and Worlds 2013, anything Charles Haycock, Lazar Medvedev CLYW Contest Entries rounds 1 and 2, Steller Features: Andrew Maider (and Kurti’s) Jensen 2013 Alternative Freestyle just to name a few.

Holy poo-on-toast-and-call-it-nutella! That was knucking futz!

How have I never seen that video before…? That front style combo at 2:10 was just… oh my…

CLYW Rendezvous 2 and Zach’s Nats 13’ Freestyle come to mind. And Keiran Cooper’s Sketch had some sick concepts. Those are just a few.

This is my favorite as it has a great combination of throwing, fun and production. I can show this to non-yoyoers and they can enjoy the whole thing. I can’t say that for some of my other favorites.



The filming, the feel, the everything is perfection :slight_smile: