Most Viewed YoYo Video

I recently saw that Michael Ferdico’s video, “cleanse”, has a massive 167,580 views currently. That is EASILY the most viewed yoyo video that I know of.

But is this actually the most viewed yoyo video (on YT), or is there another that beats it?

Paul Dang’s “Cascade” video is at 475,155 and went viral all over reddit last year. Janos’s world championship winning freestyle is sitting at 922,142 on Duncan’s channel. Before the original YYF edit was taken down, Jensen’s 2010 worlds win was over 1,000,000.

This is a yoyo video by a famous you tuber so I’m not sure if it counts but yeah, 1.46 million views

I forgot all about that video!  Of course it counts, it’s Zach with an AC!  Super legitimate.  Nice find.

vid that got me into 1a, currenty 4,369,073+ views

I think the above is the highest.

Grant Johnson’s “Stronger” is over 2.7 million




just to name a few videos

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Look at the views. Then look at the subs.

Wow, now I feel stupid for thinking Michael’s video might be the most viewed yoyo video, LOL. Now 167,580 doesn’t sound so massive.

I can’t believe I forgot about Zach’s video though…I guess I didn’t really think about the amazing number of views it had, LOL.

But WOW at that 4,369,076 figure.

So how well known are these videos amongst the general, non-yoyoing public?

Ann Connolly did pretty well with this one at 388,427. Plus, it’s done so well.

I stumbled across Mickeys vid when I was younger and that was the first I had seen of modern yoyoing… needless to say I was awe-struck. Watched Jensens 2010 Worlds soon after (I think it was in related videos). At 4 million views I’d say a fair few people have seen it.

Zacs one was great publicity as well considering how popular the youtube channel it’s on is.