What are some recommend string for 2a/looping

Also where can I find Duncan looping stickers besides online.

I like kitty string -fat. Not sure what about the Duncan stickers. The only store to sell yoyos near me is toys r us. But they sell the whole yoyo not parts.

Would silicone stickers work for looping

The silicone stickers are thicker, so unless the yoyo had a very slight sticker recess to accept silicon stickers, I don’t think this would be the best idea.

My suggestion would be to use gaf tape circles, but someone else did a tutorial on how to make response stickers out of hockey tape. While the tape is different, the concept is the same, so do a search around here and see if you can find that thread.

I think YYE carries the stickers. For the amount of time you spend searching, you could just order from here, ask them to us first class postage on it to save you money on shipping and in 3-5 days, your problem is fixed. For now. Friction stickers don’t last that long, just the “nature of the beast”.

He is using Pules right?

My suggestion would be to use gaf tape circles
Gaff tape isn’t cheap though I believe it’s about $8 a roll. that’s what my theater pays, and we go through that stuff so quickly we need to use it to tape down lighting cables for plays and such

Yes, gaf tape is expensive. I’m actually looking into wireless solutions to help speed my set/strike for events as well as clean up cable clutter. There’s some super affordable wireless solutions.

The thing about gaf tape is that the longer it sets, the more the glue tends to come off. After a couple of days, it will tend to leave some adhesive behind. In a yoyo, these tape discs will be quite durable and should last a bit of time. It would be best to use a bit of Windex to remove the adhesive when it comes time to replace the gaf tape response sticker.

If you have the tools to make the gaf tape sticker, you can use some used tape provided it’s still clean and flat.

Some stores like True Value Hardware…

At least mine has tons of yoyos and FS.

Watch out Glen in that documentary said he almost got sued for using tape as response :wink:

Uhhh o frantically rips tape out of Duncan throws.

yes im useing a pulse

Upgrade to an Unleashed or Loop 900 or 1080 and never worry about response pads or stickers as they use a starburst response. Permanent!

The Loop 360 is another good starter looper and it uses a response recess that is compatible with flowable silicone.

That was funny. I saw that part. Yeah, they can sue me for using my own solution in my own yoyo.