what are some new companies I should try

So, I finally saved up $130. I wanted to know what are some good companies to try for the first time. Also would want to know what yoyo you recommend from them. I currently have a One drops, SPYY Pro, yyf metal GM, adelge asteroid, protostar, magicyoyo n9.

Preferences are: oversized or fullsized, usually I like it pretty stable, yoyos that come with center trac or terrapin X (heard great things about the X), horizontal, moderately fast play, Good at catching whips,
I am not sure about the weight because I like my 62 gram OD almost as much as my 67gram SPYY. I would have to say which ever is faster.

If it does not fit all my preferences that is fine. I just put a lot so you won’t have to wonder.

considering: recrev facade, c3 capless, c3 dibase

Thanks for your time

G Squared and Square Wheels come to mind.

G Squared has the Albatross and the soon to drop Nessie.

Square Wheels has the Royale.

Toxic Strings has the HazMat. Kind of a hybrid One Drop sort of thing. Pretty good.

The sOMEThING line has some decent stuff, although all I have is a Firmy for now and I really like that and am tempted to try some of their other stuff, despite the high price tag.

That’s all I can think of. Everything else I have is from well established companies.

TenYoYo, I don’t have an opinion of yet. The wet whistle looks good, the Drop Bear seems so “Been there done that” to me

Square Wheel Royale. Comes stock with Terrapin X bearing. I love mine.

Speaking of the royale, where would one get such a throw?


Werrd or Crucial

Werrd split decision or Werrd irony (slightly oversized,light,super fast, and amazingly stable)

Crucial confection is amazing as well.

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C3 trident is amazing as well…there are just too many amazing throws

You can get when on their site, squarewheelyoyos.com I think.

thanks for the suggestions. The split decisions like really cool. Also the werrd Irony looks like a really serious throw. Does anyone own one or has tried one. i might not get the trident because I want to have some money left over to get a 4a yoyo too.

I played the Werrd Irony and it was really nice.

Get a Fiesta XX for your 4A enjoyment.

yeah i would recommend the irony super smooth,fast,and stable and has a great feel o the string

The irony is by far my favorite werrd throw

I love my ten yoyo drop bear. Highly recommend it.