Like buying stock?!?!


I have several one drops and several Clyw’s. I wait for the next new ones from these company’s. But I want to get into something new. Which up and comers would you suggest collecting? A company with minimal throws but the chance of big success, kind of like buying stock.


Well spyy isn’t new but their stuff is amazing, but if you want new then eternal throw

(Nathan Martsolf) #3

G-Squared Yoyos.


thats what i was going to say


There’s a lot of good stock, but if you’re buying as an investment vehicle in the hopes of flipped and it appreciating, this is the wrong hobby to get into. Think of your investment as “investing in your own enjoyment” and then you’ll be fine.

Rayoyo, with their Chupcabra, can’t wait to get mine paid for so it can ship.
Eternal Throw’s Victory is a winner.
Square Wheel’s Royale, major fun and 2 new models coming out soon I can’t wait to snatch up
GSquared: Nessie and Albtross, A-Maz-ING!
Madhouse: The Compulsion and Epic seem to be their main models right now but I hear new stuff is heading towards the market soon.

There’s a lot of good stuff. Too much perhaps.


I haven’t tried anything from either one, but right now I have my eye on Square Wheels and Monkeyfinger. I have a feeling that they’re going places.


Square Wheels YoYo Company. They are coming out with the Cavalier (codename) and Rex soon. Also restocking the Royale.

(2Sick Joey) #8

DEADLY SpINS Wrath: Smooth,Stable,Great specs, Amazing grinding finish, amazing spin time and beautiful colors…still in stock here at YYE too. Plus you get a bunch of goodies with it. Pick it up you won’t regret it!!!



I just found TenYoyo when I was looking around. They look interesting.


Ten Yo is the bomb. I love them! Jump on any of their throws and you’ll be satisfied!

(YoYoStringLab) #12

DEADLY SpINS. Their first offering the Wrath is a home run.


Yes sir! Deadly Spins is the way to go. Love this throw!