And then there were none...

Over the past few years I was a big time vsnyyc collector. At the peak of my collection i had 2 skywalkers, 2 septopuss, a battosai, a Flying Hut, and a SADR. In the last few months i have begin selling my large collection. Today i sold my very last vsnyyc, my smeargully skywalker. This was my very 1st vsnyyc, the one that got me hooked into the company and it held large sentimental value to me. Now my collection has been spread out to the community around the world. Goodbye sweet collection, you will be missed. Now i have to pick a new brand to invest in. :).

Sounds like it was good times collecting and playing, then moving the units back out. The net result on paper is: start with no vsnyyc, end with no vsnyyc; but it’s the in-between that mattered. :wink:

You can invest in G-Squared, MonkeyfingeR, Spin Dynamics… Pick one of those and you’ll have a whole set within a day or two. :wink: (Mind you, even though I’ve seen MFD’s Evil Yo a few times recently, it’s not necessarily the EASIEST yoyo to find).

Juuust kidding. Though seriously… you could have as a “collection goal” to have the most comprehensive set of throws from only smaller or newer companies.

YYR! TP! Or some other awesomer brand. Everytime someone says “TP” as in “Turning Point” I always think they mean toilet paper. So TP stands for a yoyo company. Not Toilet Paper, don’t collect toilet paper. Especially used ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

Having been the recipient of some of the VsNYYC, I think their throws are excellent. I am pleased that I have been able to acquire a range of VsNYYC, but do not want to limit what I throw. I know Juliang22 has been on the hunt for some YYR, but make sure you pick up a Stealth Ogre along the way. Sturm Panzer are definitely going to be my new company of choice. Although General-yo and CLYW are trendy choices, when I think about a collection, MikeEff’s ILYY collection always springs to mind. A collection like that is something to both be a little proud of but also get a lot of pure throwing joy from.

3yo3 is a good one Landon makes awesome budget friendly throws

Id checkout g-squared. They are still small but they have made 3 great throws in a row and will definitely be the next popular company :wink:

I completely agree. I had so much fun playing with them and collecting them. I used to have 2 evil yos and have yet to try a gelada. Used to have an albatross and have tried an al7 version which was awesome. Still want to try a nessie. Haven’t picked up and spin dynamics, haven’t been too interested in their designs so far. Ive tried a smooth move and didn’t like it

I am a collector of yyr and always want to try new models. So far i have a sleipnir, gleipnir, clash and acrophobia. I have tried nearly all of turning points models and i have a positron and maxbet. I really want to pick up a basilisk, they are amazing!

Im glad some of my collection went to a good guy like you. Love your growing collection. I have beenhunting for yyr recently, I just cant get enough. To quote ratfacedude " hi I’m julian, and I’m a yyraholich" . I really want to pick up a sturm panzer but dont want to spend the money. Ive heard great this about it though. One day wallet, one day

I have a Al5 and am currently testing out another one of landans projects. Expect a review of it soon.

A company that i am really interested in is Deadly Spins. I have a wrath and a pride proto 1. And they are both amazing. I love the innovation coming from them

No more?? None? All gone? ナタらアザー??? :’(

Lol, you wouldn’t be able to get my Evil Yo off of me very easily. That yoyo has been my Go-To for nearly a year now, along with my Code 2.

Somebody selling Evil-yo!,30646.0.html

That’s an insane price for an Evil-Yo.  They cost $110 new.  That’s what he wants used.

Just sharing this but I plan on collecting all nickle spin dynamic throws. One down with the smooth move

i sold mine for 75$ and 65$