Collection goals

What are you working on from a collection standpoint? Not what is your wishlist overall or what are some of your highly sought after yoyos individually. Like are you trying to get every modern responsive? Do you collect rim weighted bimetals? Do you want every TK 3 in 1 you can track down? Maybe you just get every yo-yo you purchase in green :wink:

I’m trying to get my hands on every Good Life, and I’d like to get all of Gentry’s line at some point, including his old stuff and offshoots.


I do like to have something from every significant “brand”.


Legendary yo-yos
cough draupnir cough has to be in black cough


Green :green_heart:



ROFL :rofl:

What kinda dork would do such a thing!!


My next collection goal is to pick up a couple really solid W and H shaped yoyos.


My only collection goal at this point is acquiring all four of the One Drop 2016 Benchmarks in nickel finish.


Haha that squarely rules me out.

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Current collection goal is to eventually acquire the yoyos based around the YYF 888 design. Currently I have a '10 888, 7068 DNA, and a Mutant DNA. Still missing the original DNA and an '07-09 888. An Edgeless may be a purchase later because I found out that the Edgeless design was based on the DNA (guess that would make it a cousin of sorts).


I am not aiming at collecting a specific kind of yoyo and I don’t think I’ll do it in the future haha. I just buy yoyos that I think will perform well:)

Every single one drop


I started yoyoing 10 or so years ago, and I was really young at the time. There were a bunch of yoyos that came out that I couldn’t get because my parents would always say no :joy: now that im older im trying to get my hands on some of those older yoyos when they pop up.

For me, that means im a big general yo collector (i have all the ones I really wanted back then but there are others now that im interested in)

I also want to try and obtain some spyys, specifically an addiction.

And some other random ones are the bully and wedgie, hspin cut, and a gungfu

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I might be able to help you with one. PM Sent.

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For the longest time I was trying to get as many of the hot new-ish organics that I could, especially the Diptych and Triptych to go with my Canvas. Now that I have those, I kind of feel the need to trim some back and focus on the ones I’m sure I’ll throw more frequently.

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I enjoy collecting titanium’s that have aluminum counterparts. I also collect One Drops. Need 3 more to have every model.


I collect No Jives.
Need 6 more variants to get to my goal, but a few of those are unlikely.


Only a handful of players like “YoHans” for example, have prolific collections deemed rare and valuable in a monetary sense.
Mostly, yoyo collections tend to be unnecessary and excessive in my opinion.
Again, a subtle form of gross pollution. Too many yoyos, not enough hands…lot of excess carbon emissions.
Might as well go purchase a dead horse to ride.
I lost a lot of time & money collecting yoyos.

My collecting experience turned out to be unrewarding and UNSUSTAINABLE!
Good Luck managing yo’r excessive material wealth.



Wow. I bet you think tweeting about important issues makes a difference.

How’s the weather up there on your high horse?


I would love to have every Northstar color there was, especially a mint white/red rims one.

I would also love to have every protostar color in existence, though this one will forever stay as a dream.