Squared Wheels Royale!!!!

point of this post ? Get a Royale!!! I don’t have one go to yoyo … i have several and needless to say this is one of them … what are my other go to yo-yos? Positron,Chief,Code2 and now the ROYALE from Square wheels yoyo company. I am not here to say get it because it looks good… get it because it plays as good as it looks!!! I am not a reviewer but I like to change things up … if you think about my other go to yo-yos : positron,chief,code2 … They are all solid n so is the royale!

Oh and forgot to mention … this is how it looked when it came in today … best packaging I have seen … I got a Box and a pouch… plus two twisted strings type A and B … Terrapinx treated bearing and some extra pads… which all just adds on top of what already is a great yoyo … but it also shows that they are a great company. They really care about their product and customers!!! enuff said (well i said a lot but yea) ;D

btw i am on the look out for a undersize throw … hope that is on the works by you guys soon !!! I will be first in line for anything else Square Wheels puts out.

That looks very cool, I’ll have to keep a lookout for the Royale! The fire colorway reminds me more of ketchup and mustard splashed on a yoyo :D. But Square Wheels ano jobs are one-of-a-kind and really awesome!

I have and I can’t agree more! One heck of a throw

Lol… Ketchup n mustard splash…but yea their anos r one of a kind. I wonder how they do it ??


Glad you like it! They are indeed very nice yoyos.